Casual Tennis

Casual Tennis: Cartoon Stick Low Poly Tennis Smash

This funny tennis game you can play easy and quick with one hand.

Simple tennis 3d smash battles! Play low poly cartoon tennis with stick smashers
Looking for the quick thrill of the cool stick man tennis games? Want to smash low poly tennis with simple tennis controls? You need Casual Tennis: Cartoon Stick Low Poly Tennis Smash! ๐ŸŽพ Control the tennis court and dominate the cartoon tennis battles in one of the best simple tennins games. Itโ€™s fast, it requires quick reflexes, and it offers super top spin smashing fun! Start the quick tennis excitement now! ๐ŸŽพLOW POLY TENNIS This simple tennis game is the first low poly style tennis game, which you will be highly entertained and have fun casual playstyle. The nice graphics are hold to the newer famous low poly style.Play with 25+ cartoon tennis characters and say yes to uniquely thrilling way of playing tennis! ๐Ÿ‘†SIMPLE CONTROLS It’s easy to play with one hand and using just your thumb to swish over the screen. It has a quick play style, so you can leave or stop the game everytime. You don’t need any Internet connection and you can buyout from Ads, if they disturb you. Everybody can play it, from kid to adult. Like the older Arcade Games you can play only single player tennis. ๐Ÿ‘WHY YOUโ€™LL LOVE THIS STICK TENNIS LOW POLY GAME – Endless Battles – Different Courts for Tennis Competition – Tournaments – 25 Players – 189 Opponents – Bonus Levels – Casual Style for Mobile Environment – Entertaining Animations Now donโ€™t miss the great excitement of playing smash tennis with cartoon stick tennis character. Slice, spin, serve precisely and smash your oppents on the exquisite tennis courts. โœ… Download this ultra-fun simple low poly tennis game!

Release Status: Released

Price: 2 USD

The main part of the game was originally developed by codeer studios. PR Devstudio did overhaul the rendering and UI mechanic of the game. Additional features are planned for further versions.