PR Dev Studio

Welcome to PR Dev Studio. A proud Indie game developer studio, with currently 4 games developed. Our latest (and personal favorite) being Tank Wars! 

PR Dev Studio is an independent development studio and will release more and more stuff as times passes. Want to be a part of the PR Dev Studio family as a critic, a tester or an active community member? Feel free to check out our community platforms on:

PR Dev Studio believes in constant innovation and a positive user experience

Our Games

As mentioned before, at the moment we have four games available. 
Tank Wars

A fun game where you can really put your strategy and aiming skills to the test. Try to destroy the other tanks or start with practicing on targets first!

Casual Tennis

Unlock your inner love for sport and competition with this Casual Tennis game. Very easy and fun to play!

Animal Splash

Very wholesome game for small children to learn and explore the animals that live in this world. Very kid friendly and very colorful!

Sci Fi Tower Defense 2D

The classic tower defense game but in a Sci Fi jacket. The design completely fits the setting and the theme